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Gas powered pocketbikes on this page range from $399 to $499.  

Harvey's Pocket Bike Choice for this page:  The  Pocket Harley for $399 


Pocket_Bike_805.gif (138x165 -- 7354 bytes)

              43cc 805 Pocket Bike Specs

  • Engine: Single Cylinder Air Cooled Two Stroke

  • Piston Displacement: 43cc

  • Horse Power: 2.2hp @ 4500rpm

  • Max Speed: up 30 mph

  • Starter System: Electric or Kick Start

  • Ignition Method: CDI

  • Load Capacity: 300lbs

  • Fuel Type: Unleaded Gasoline or Unleaded Gasoline mixed with 2 stroke oil (25:1)

  • Fuel Tank Volume: 1.5 Liters

  • Distance on Full Tank: 100 km

  • Suspension: Front and Rear

  • Brakes: Front and Rear Disk

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43cc 805 Pocket Bike

Style:  Pocket Bike

Vendor: Samszone


It's not clear to me what is driving up the price on this particular model as compared to the more traditional Gran Prix styled pocketbikes.  If you look closely at the print on the skid pan on the larger image (click on the image) you will see it says "Tornado" who is the manufacturer of a  mid-end gas scooter. They are claiming 2.2hp for a 43cc engine which seems a bit ambitious, but possible with a high performance engine. The tire size is not stated but appears small to me just looking at the picture.  You do get a full suspension, and front and rear disc brakes.

pocketbike_Z600.gif (138x210 -- 9909 bytes)

             49cc Z600 Pocket Bike Specs

  • Engine: 49cc 2-Stroke

  • Max Speed: 25 mph+

  • Fuel Gas: & 2 cycle oil 

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.5 gallon

  • Starting Method: Electric & Manual Start 

  • Drive Method: Chain 

  • Transmission: Automatic 

  • Max Load: 300 lbs. 

  • Brake System: Disk (Front & Rear)

  • Dimensions: 40.5" x 18.25" x 16.75" 

  • Cooling System: Air Cooled 

  • Wheels: 13" Tires 

  • Shocks: Front & Rear 

  • Lights: Brake light & head lights

  • Ignition: Key 

  • Horn: Yes 

  • Battery: 12V/7Ah / Includes battery charger. 

  • Gauges: Speedometer 

  • Assembly: 100 % assembled

  • Warranty: 30 day warranty.

  • Pocket Bike Parts



49cc Z600 Pocket Bike

Style:  Pocket Bike

Vendor: Scooter Domain


The statement on the Scooter Domain website claims "Due to the weight of this scooter it cannot be shipped Ups or Fedex, it will be damaged 99% of the time. So it can only be shipped in pairs on a pallet via freight line." 


 I could not find a weight anywhere in the specs, but looking at the top speed of 25mph for a 49cc pocket bike, it must weigh a ton.  It's a full 11" shorter than the 49cc YS49 Pocket Bike too, but still weighs more.  I like the look though;  an improbable blend of Grand Prix and Moped.  The full fairing looks sharp and I like the treatment of the headlights too.  


This one has it all, brake lights, headlights, horn, key ignition and big 13" tires.  Again, let me remind you to never use these pocket bikes for street use.  The profile is much too low, they go too fast, and cannot be seen even with a rider on board.  Don't let the brake lights fool you for a minute that these belong on the road.


pocket_bike_harley.gif (139x173 -- 5973 bytes)pocket_bike_harley.gif (139x173 -- 5973 bytes)


             Pocket Harley Gas Scooter

  • Maximum Speed: 30 mph 

  • Batteries: 12V - 4.5A (Battery for headlight) 

  • Range: 25 to 30 miles per tank 

  • Charge Unit: 110V-130V 

  • Frame: Steel Frame 

  • Engine: Single cycle, two-stroke gasoline engine 

  • Foldable: no 

  • Gas Tank: 1 L 

  • Drive System: Chain 

  • Fuel/Oil Ratio: 25:1 

  • Tires: 9" pneumatic DOT approved tires

  • Starter: pull cord only 

  • Brakes: Front drum and rear disc brakes 

  • Warranty: 30 days 

  • Carrying Capacity: 240 lbs

  • Muffler:  High Performance

  • Custom:  Metal wrapped throttle and brake cable

  • Headlight:  Huge Cyclops custom design

  • Suspension:  Front

  • Frame:  Steel

  • Finish:  Baked Powder Coat

  • Pegs:  Highway Style

  • Performance Accessories:  Available

  • Age Recommendation: 16 and up

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Was $549 Now $399

  Pocket Harley Gas Scooter

Style:  Pocket Bike

Vendor: Samszone


This may more appropriately be referred to as a mini-chopper, but the site that carries it, represents it as a Pocket Bike.  No matter what you call it, I like the lines of this pocket bike are second to none.  It has the big, post seat reminiscent of the early Indian Motorcycles, the huge Cyclops headlight and check out the teardrop gas tank and low rider fenders.  I actually prefer the open frame design to a lot of fairing which hides the engine and frame.  This pocketbike has the classic obtuse triangle frame design, giving it that chopped appearance while keeping the tire sizes equal.  The engine size is not stated, but with the  stated top speed at 30 I will guess it's in the 42-43cc range.  It would be nice if they told you what sort of drive system it had too.  From looking at the large pictures it would appear to be a chain drive.  Look how they relieved the rear fender to let the chain clear it.


You really need to check out the larger images to fully appreciate the design.  The dual disc brakes are a nice touch, as are the spokeless rims. 

pocket_bike_609.gif (136x169 -- 8532 bytes)

             49cc FS609 Pocket Bike Specs

  • Motor power rating: 49 CC

  • Maximum speed: 35~40mph

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

  • Tire: 13''

  • Chain Driven

  • Front Brake: disk brake

  • Rear Brake: drum brake

  • Engine: Single Cylinder Air-cooled 2 Strokes

  • Tank Capacity: 1L

  • Fuel/Oil ratio: 25:1

  • Pocket Bike Parts


Was $559 Now $459

49cc FS609 Pocket Bike Specs

Style:  Pocket Bike

Vendor: Samszone


I can't tell from looking at the picture if the front shocks are functional or just have the boots there for show.  My gut tells me in this price range you are starting to pay a premium for all the glitz that comes with a heavy treatment of fairing.  For a $110 less you can get a 43cc G 12-2 Pocket Bike with better looking headlights, albeit a smaller engine.  In my mind there is just not enough bike to support the higher cost.


Harvey's Update July 4, 2004:  Ok, with the $100 price drop this model becomes competitive.  Now, for the same price as the G12-2 you can get a bigger engine.  If you like the generous fairing, go with this one.  The larger engine will offset the addition of the weight.  I still think the G12-2 is the better looking bike, but that's simply a matter of taste.  Side by side the FS609 will be the faster pocketbike.


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