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Neo Scooters Street Speed Gas Skateboard

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Street Speed Gas Skateboard

Street Speed Gas Skateboard

Experience the thrills of surfing without the ocean! Imagine riding the waves without getting wet.

With the Street Speed, you can! Its 43cc 2-stroke engine will provide you with pure adrenaline surge - up to 35 miles per hour on any paved surface (depending on rider wieght and road condition). And, because it is motorized, it will even go uphill! Gone are the days when you push endlessly on your skateboard to get to the top of the hill. The handheld control unit puts you in total command of accelerating and stopping.

Drive Model: Chain driving
Ignition: Pull Start
Max speed: 35mph
Wheel size: 9 x 3.5
Brake: Rear(band)
Motor: 43cc
Tank capacity: 1L
Cool way: Air cooling
LOAD: 300 Pound