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Some relate to gas powered scooters, others are just interesting sites that I have found while building


I visit this site daily since their inventory turns over so quickly.  Where else can you find a Jetway P4X400DBP Barebones Tower  w/ a Celeron 2.8Ghz CPU for only $229.00?  These guys have an incredible selection of drives, memory, tools, notebooks, software, spy toys  and towers for incredibly low prices.  Before buying anything electronic check this site out first.  They even ship in surplus boxes to keep the costs down!



Banana Palm Hawaiian ShirtsFor me the connection is clear;  Hawaiian shirts and gas scooters go together.  Something about hopping on your wheels and feeling the sea breeze on your face as you head for the beach.  See over 100 different designs at .  These guys have great prices and shirts in a variety of fabrics.


downhill dirtsurferWant to try something new?  Something more of a rush than  a  gas scooter going 40 MPH can provide?  Welcome to the world of Dirt Surfing.  Invented in Australia and brought to the USA by popular demand.  I liked the combination of large kites with the dirt surfers.  Check it all out at   


dinosaur den gas scooter  These guys have anything you could possibly want related to dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs For Sale!  From Dinosaur Puzzles to Dinosaur Clothes, you can find it all here at Dinosaur Den, your one stop shop for dinosaur products.  There's even dinosaur auctions.


elbow creek gas scooter Has an eclectic mix of cowboy literature, apparel, pictures and musings all on one site.  This site pays for short stories and prose written about the  American West primarily in the 1800's.  You can read the submissions in an easy to follow magazine format.  One of my favorites.


Welcome to Dubé JugglingEver wonder where you would order your cigar boxes, bull-whips, uni-cycles, spinning plates and juggling clubs if you were an entertainer?  Wonder no more and visit for all your street performer needs.  I have personally been ordering from Brian Dube (Due-bay) since my college years.  Excellent gear with replacement parts as well.


electric scooters The Electric Scooter Guide provides you with the basic information that you will need in order to purchase an electric scooter. Information such as: The construction of an electric scooter, their drive system, how fast and how far they will go on a fully charged battery, plus much more!


Hawaiian Shirt  Boardshack T-ShirtAnother Hawaiian Shirt link?   Why not?  This Boardshack T-shirt from Hilo Hatties  will send a clear signal that you are serious about your leisure as you streak by on your new gas scooter, .  These folks are based in Honolulu and have an unbelievably cool line up of surf clothes and 100% silk Hawaiian shirts.


 Scooters, Bikes & Outdoor Gear  They are not big on graphics, but they have a mean site that  hand picks the very best gas scooter sites on the web and compiles a list complete with links.  It's a very well thought out directory with zero hype. 



Electric lets you cover a lot of ground searching for an electric scooter in a very short period of time.  Many different manufacturers, many different models and styles of scooters.  The layout is very user friendly, and will give you a high level look at a great cross section of electric scooter products.



Charlottesville Virginia real estate: Stately Jeffersonian historic homes & exquisite thoroughbred horse farms. Come preview our Charlottesville real estate.








Electric Scooters

 Electric Scooters-Get the facts about Power, Performance and Price.




About Mini-Bikes -This new site caught my attention with it's extensive articles on the latest in Custom Mini Choppers, pocket bikes and gas scooters.  Gisbert has obviously done his research and his site is more informative than most.  Don't let the title throw you;  he covers the gamut from mini-bikes to mopeds.


Pocket Bikes Your complete Pocket Bikes, Mini Bikes, Mini Motorcycles Resource .


All ATV Accessories - Your choice of atv accessories from all the top companies, including performance exhausts, chassis parts, OEM parts, and more.

Comparing ATV Tires For All Terrain Types - Learn about, compare, and purchase various ATV tires and wheels used for all types of riding, from racing to all purpose and everything in between.



  We try to answer all your questions in the articles above.  Still have a question?   Write to us at and we'll answer it. 




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I get mine from Neo Scooters.  What you see below are actual pictures from their parts catalog.  No more guessing if you have the right part by an obscure description.  They sort by the model of your scooter and have pictures of each part, with the price and part number.  With Free Shipping Included, you cannot go wrong.  Look for their parts link in the lower left corner of the page the link  above on the Neo logo takes you to.

gas scooter, cheap gas scooters, fast scooters,, online gas scooters, gas powered scooter, pocket bike, snow scooter




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