Four Stroke Gas Scooters


Four Stroke Gas Scooters in my line up will be featured on this page as they become available 

C7-3 Speed Four Stroke Custom Mini-Chopper

What struck immediately about this gas scooter, was the sharp rake of the front fork and the soft tail seat.  I am partial anyhow to high angle frames (where the line of the of the top of the mini-chopper gas tank appears to be heading up hill) anyhow, this custom mini chopper has the right balance.

So why is this scooter $699?  Let's start with the front end.  Fully hydraulic shock absorbers, as well as hydraulic front disc brakes.  Hard to improve upon that.  The engine is maxxed out at 49CC and the unit has a centrifugal clutch with a chain drive.  Full blown motorcycle tires round out the package.  Note that the rear gas scooter tire is two inches smaller than the front tire, further enhancing the chopped appearance of this custom mini-chopper.

More Pictures & Latest Pricing.


  • C7 Mini Smith Chopper Specification 

  • Engine 49cc four strokes, one cylinder 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity .25 Gallons 
  • Seat Yes / Height is 19" 
  • Range 30 Miles 
  • Drive Train Rear Wheel Chain Driven / Auto Chain Tensioner 
  • Front Tire: 90/90-12 MOTORCYCLE TIRE 
  • Rear Tire: 130/60-10 MOTORCYCLE TIRE 
  • Frame Steel / Painted 
  • Front Brake: HYDRAULIC DISC 
  • Rear Brake: MECHANICAL DISC 
  • Speed: 25-30 mph depending on riders weight. 
  • Starting system Pull start & Electric Start 
  • Clutch Type Centrifugal 
  • Dimensions L 67 x W 19 x H 32 
  • Ground Clearance 4.5" 
  • Overall Weight 120 lbs Maximum Load 330 lbs 
  • Color Chrome, Blue/Green, Black

Scooter speeds may vary depending on weather condition, terrain and weight of rider.

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I get mine from Neo Scooters.  What you see below are actual pictures from their parts catalog.  No more guessing if you have the right part by an obscure description.  They sort by the model of your scooter and have pictures of each part, with the price and part number.  With Free Shipping Included, you cannot go wrong.  Look for their parts link in the lower left corner of the page the link below (or above on the Neo logo) takes you to.

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