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Maintaining your new gasscooter is important.  Some things should done every other time you fill the gas tank, other activities only need to be done annually.  If you have purchased your gas scooter as a gift for your child, be sure he or she understands the importance of caring for their new vehicle.  Providing proper maintenance is much cheaper than providing repairs.  After you are finished reading our other maintenance specific pages (Razorback Maintenance Manual) check out our other two repair pages: Gas Scooter Drive Train Trouble Shooting  and  Diagnosing Gas Scooter Engine Problems

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Proper scooter maintenance is crucial to getting the most out of your scooter. The following instructions are for Neo Scooters City Rider and Razorback scooters. However, most of the principals are universal and can be utilized on all makes of scooters.
Please follow safe riding practices and ALWAYS wear protective gear.

Fuel and Oil mixture

Your scooter uses a 2 stroke engine for power. A two stroke engine was chosen for it's excellent power to weight ratio. A two stroke engine does not require that you ever change the oil, however it does require that you mix a quality grade 2 stroke oil with the gasoline prior to filling your scooters gas tank. This ensures that your engine will remain lubricated and give you reliable service.

To accomplish this you can buy 2 stroke oil at almost any auto parts store or hardware store. The oil and gas are the mixed together in a separate container before filling the scooter. The mixture should be done at a 25:1 ratio (See ratio chart below). mixing the gas and oil too lean can cause the engine to run too hot resulting in permanent engine damage. Mixing the gas and oil too rich will cause decreased performance and result in a fouled spark plug. By strictly following the 25:1 ratio you can be assured maximum performance from your scooter.

    1 gallon of gas : 5 ounces of 2 stroke oil
    2 gallon of gas : 10.25 ounces of 2 stroke oil
    3 gallon of gas : 15.5 ounces of 2 stroke oil
    4 gallon of gas : 20.5 ounces of 2 stroke oil
    5 gallon of gas : 25.5 ounces of 2 stroke oil

Spark Plug

Gas scooter Sparkplug The spark plug is a crucial and vulnerable part on your two stroke engine. Your spark plug can be located on the top of the engine under the protective rubber boot. Your scooter comes with a tool kit containing a spark plug wrench for easy removal.

good gas scooter spark plug The spark plug must be clean, and must be replaced promptly when signs of wear begin to show. The condition of the spark plug can tell you a lot about how your motor is running. The spark plug should be a light brown or golden color like the picture on the left. If the electrode is white, that can be a sign that your scooter is running too hot. This can be a result of either running too lean (See the Carburetor section), or that the fuel and oil mixture is too lean (See the Fuel and Oil mixture section). If you are running your scooter too rich then your spark plug may be black, covered with either gas, oil, or carbon.

dirty gas scooter spark plug Another common problem is that the spark plug gets clogged up with carbon and/or oil and "fouls". This should be checked by assuring the electrode has a clean gap of .023 in. If you are having a problem with fouling, just be sure that the gap, as shown to the right, is clean and free of obstruction, A small piece of a fine grit sandpaper usually works well for this. New spark plugs can be purchased from us on our parts page, or at almost any local hardware or auto parts store.

Air Filter

gas scooter air filter The air filter is used to clean the air going into the engine. Periodic cleaning of this filter is recommended to protect your gas scooter engine against the damaging effects of dirt and abrasive particulates. Your air filter can be located on the front of the engine and the protective cover can be removed with one screw.

clean gas scooter air filter When the protective cover is removed the air filter is revealed. You can also see the small workings of the choke and butterfly valve.

square gas scooter air filter The filter should be free from dirt and grease and appear clean like the one shown on the right. If there are contaminants on the filter it can be cleaned in a container of gasoline. Allow the filter to dry before re-installing it into your gas scooter.


The chain on your scooter should be lubricated before every ride. The chain should also be checked for tightness on a regular basis. If the chain is too loose a popping sound can be heard and the scooter will jerk under acceleration, or the chain will just jump off altogether.. If the chain is too tight it will be noisy and bind, this can be felt by pushing the scooter with the motor off.

gas scooter chain adjustment On the 22.5cc scooter there is a chain driven gear reduction which must also be lubricated before each ride. This gear reduction chain does is not adjustable and must be replaced when when an unacceptable amount of slack is present.

gas scooter transmission lubricant Access for lubrication can easily be obtained through a small lubrication hole on the top of the chain guard.

gas scooter chain alignment WRONG WRONG good gas scooter chain alignment RIGHT
When making any adjustments to the chain it is very important to ensure the chain and sprockets are perfectly aligned. If they are not the chain will most certainly come off. To properly align the chain you must get your eye level with the chain. make sure that all components are aligned before tightening the fasteners. Refer to the pictures above to see what the chain should and shouldn't look like.

rear gas scooter tire locking bolts The rear tire held on by an axle and two locking eyebolts. To adjust the chain loosen the axle bolts and the locking nuts. Use the eyebolt adjustment nuts to tighten and align the rear tire. Once the chain is snug and straight tighten the axel nuts. Finally cinch down the locking nuts on the eyebolts. Refer to the picture on the right.

gas scooter sprocket alignment Sometimes it is difficult to get the chain straight due to the fact that the motor and rear wheel sprocket aren't aligned. If this occurs simply turn the scooter on it's side, loosen the three engine mounting bolts, and the engine can be easily slid to either side to compensate for any misalignment.


gas scooter tire inflation The tires on your gas scooter are pneumatic (air filled) tires. The tires require 85psi and can be filled via the valve on the side of the tire. It is very important that the tires have the proper inflation. Although the scooter has been prepared to ride once out of the box, due to long shipping distances and elevation changes we have yet to see one scooter with the correct pressure right out of the box. Low tire pressure will make the scooter feel sluggish and a loss of power will be felt. Remember: 85psi

You will notice that the valve on the 22.5cc front tire is turned to the side a little and is not straight out. This is intentional to keep the valve from hitting the frame of the scooter as the wheel turns. If the valve is not angled you will hear a clicking sound every time the tire makes a rotation. To cure this, let all of the air out of the tire. Hold the tire with one hand and the rim with the other. Twist the tire one way and the rim the other. This will cause the tire to "slip" on the rim and make the valve turn to one side. Once this is achieved refill the tire to 85psi.

There are two main types of scooter throttles. One is a twist type, and the other is a hand throttle. Although the throttles are different in operation, they are essentially mechanically the same. When the rider applies the throttle, a cable carries this motion down to the engine. For continued smooth operation it is important to keep this cable clean and free of obstructions.

gas scooter throttle cable Should the throttle begin to feel loose and sloppy, the slack can be adjusted on the cable at the handlebars. Simply loosen the lock nut and adjust the cable tension via the adjustment screw. Once the desired tension is achieved retighten the lock nut.


gas scooter brakes The brake on your gas scooter is a cable actuated drum brake. This style brake has proven well over time and is very simple to maintain. The rear brake has two main adjustments. The easiest of the two is the adjustment on the handbrake itself. This adjustment has two simple steps. To change the tension on the cable merely back off the locking nut and screw the adjustment screw in or out accordingly. Once the desired tension is achieved re tighten the locking nut.

adjusting gas scooter brakes Further adjustment can be made at the brake drum itself. This task is easiest with two people. First, loosen the adjustment at the handlebar hand brake and screw it all the way in . Next go to the rear brake and loosen the Cable Clamp. Once loose, pull back on the cable and have the second person push forward on the Brake Cable Lever (push hard, you are pushing against a tight spring action). While pushing the lever forward and pulling the cable back, quickly tighten the cable clamp. Additional minor adjustments can be made where the cable meets the rear brake.


The carburetor has many adjustments on it and it is recommended that these adjustments be made by experienced persons only, however we will point out the major points. The carburetor is responsible for pumping the fuel and mixing it with the air at a precise measurement. The carburetor does this with very small diaphragms, orifices and ports, which are easily clogged by contaminants. This is why is is extremely important that you use only clean new fuel in your gas scooter.


    gas scooter choke First, the choke. There is a choke lever on the side of the motor as pictured on the right. Some scooters have "off" written at the top, and "on" written at the bottom. This is incorrect. The correct position of the choke is:


    gas scooter primer bulb When the scooter is brand new, been run out of gas, been sitting for a long period or is very cold, it may be necessary to prime the carburetor before attempting to start it. This is accomplished with the primer pump bowl located at the bottom of the carburetor. Simply press and release this pump several times until gas can be seen flowing through the clear gas return line to the fuel tank. This will help start the scooter under the aforementioned conditions, however if this is done once the scooter has warmed up it may induce flooding.


    gas scooter jet adjustment Due to the fact that the carburetor mixes the fuel and air at an exact ratio, elevation, temperature, humidity and other weather related variables can have a detrimental effect on your scooter's performance. The manufacturer pre-adjusts your scooter at near sea level and depending where you live your scooter may require adjustment. The adjustment screw, or "jet", can be located in the access hole just to the right of the choke lever. Turning the screw clockwise will lean the mixture while turning the screw counterclockwise will richen the mixture. It is recommended that the jet be adjusted no more then еч turn at a time. Test the scooter between turns and once peak performance we achieved we recommend richening the adjustment an еч turn. This is due to the fact that the leaner the engine is run, the hotter it will get, and this can induce a possible seizure of the engine from overheating.


    gas scooter idle adjustment If the scooter will not idle or idles too fast, an adjustment screw is provided next to the choke. Turning this screw clockwise will increase the idle speed. Turning the screw counterclockwise will decrease the idle speed. Remember that an idle speed that is too fast can be dangerous.

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