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Salorr Gas Scooter

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Salorr Gas Powered Scooter (Model #3-101)
The 3-101 model Salorr gas scooter is a nice entry level gas powered scooter at a fantastic price. The first thing people notice on this gas scooter is its sleek body style and design. 

It not only travels at speeds of up to 20 mph, but this economical gas scooter has the power to turn heads as well! The 3-101 model Salorr gas scooter is uniquely equip with both recoil pull-start and electric key ignitions. You can use one ignition method or the other or both, depending on your preference. 

The battery that powers the electric ignition is self-charging so there's no battery charger required. Additional features include a removable seat, headlight and taillight. 


* Speed: 20 mph, 

* Range: 30 miles, 

* Motor: 33cc single cylinder, air cooled, 2 stroke gas powered engine, 

* Frame: Fiberglass body with steel frame, 

* Start Method: Recoil pull-start and Electric start (key ignition/push button), 

* Drive System: Chain driven, 

* Oil Type: 2-cycle oil, 

* Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline, 

* Gasoline Mix: 25:1, 

* Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 Liter, 

* Brakes: Front disc brake & rear drum braking systems, 

* Dry Weight: 50 lbs, * Dimensions: Length 44", Width at handlebars 18.5", Width at the deck 8", Height 45", Height folded 22", 

* Carrying Capacity: 250 lbs, 

* Tires: 9" X 3.5" superior quality pneumatic tires, 

* Warranty: 30 day. Standard Features: 

* Removable seat, 

* Headlight, 

* Taillight, 

* Handlebars fold for easy transport and storage, Additional Info: 

* Not for sale or use in the state of California, 

* Maximum speed and average range vary with rider's weight, the speed, and road conditions.