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California Viper Gas Scooter

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California Viper Gas Powered Scooter

California Viper Gas Powered Scooter   This modified Viza Viper gas scooter features a 33cc Mitsubishi TLE motor making it legal for use in California. This version offers lower emissions and is quieter than the standard Viper gas scooter. Otherwise all specifications are the same as the standard Viper model. The Viza Viper gas scooter is designed for the budget minded buyer who demands quality.

 All Viza gas scooters, the Viper gas scooter included, feature the absolute finest components and workmanship. The Viza Viper gas scooter boasts a smooth, safe ride both on and off-road. It offers superior performance, driving safety and maximum durability. The Viper gas powered scooter's patented gear reduction system does the same work as other drive systems at lower RPM's. That means less wear and tear on the motor, a quieter ride and freewheel coasting with virtually no noise or drag.

  A low noise muffler for this gas scooter is standard equipment. The handlebars fold for easy transport and the Viper gas scooter comes with a removable seat. Viza Motors has a reputation for manufacturing quality gas and electric scooters.

  Please note: If you find a gas scooter with the same specs elsewhere for less, don't be fooled...the difference is quality!


• Speed: 22 mph, 

• Range: 20 miles,

• Motor: 33cc, 2-cycle, single cylinder, Mitsubishi TLE air-cooled motor,

• Frame: Durable thick walled tubular steel frame with 5 inches of ground clearance,

• Start Method: Recoil pull-start,

• Drive System: Patented gear reduction drive system, chain driven (extra durable #35 chain standard), 78mm automatic     centrifugal clutch with a freewheel ratcheting sprocket on the rear wheel which allows for easy coasting,

• Oil Type: 2-cycle oil,

• Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline,

• Gasoline Mix: 32:1,

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.5 Liter,

• Brakes: Rear drum braking systems,

• Dry Weight: 45 lbs,

• Dimensions: Length 42", Width at handlebars 16.25", Width at the deck 10.5", Height 42", Height folded 19",

• Carrying Capacity: 300 lbs,

• Tires: 9” superior grade pneumatic tires designed for both on and off road use. Premium die-cast metal rims,

• Warranty: 90 day manufacturer’s warranty. Standard Features:

• Height adjustable, removable seat, • Handlebars fold for easy transport and storage,

• Chrome-plated rear bumper.

 Additional Info:

• Legal for use in California. This scooter complies with California's strict emissions standards,

• Pre assembled. FREE SHIPPING!