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Neo Scooter City Rider SX 24 Gas Scooter

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City Rider SX24 Gas Scooter


City Rider gas scooter - Great gas scooter with style and performance suitable for everyone! If you want to step into the gas scooter age, this is the perfect starter.

Features a 22.5cc gas scooter engine with chain reduction drive and centrifugal clutch!

City Rider SX24 Gas Scooter Specs

Seat: Free removable Seat
Frame: Steel frame can support up to 400lbs!
Brakes: Rear drum brake with trigger handlebar grip
Engine: Quiet, Precision Two Stroke gas scooter Engine 22.5cc, 1.2 hp
Drive System: Chain drive
Speed: Up to 25mph, depending on rider weight
Gas Tank: 1 Liter
Foldable: Yes
Starter: Pull starter
Carrying Capacity: 400 lbs.
Cooler: Air cooled
Tire Size: 8.5 in. inflatable tires (not solid).
Throttle: Motorcycle style twist throttle
Ground Clearance: 4"
Fold Flat: Easy storage
Clutch: Centrifugal clutch (Smooth start)
Paint: Durable Powder coat finish