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Gas powered mini choppers on this page range from $579 to $2,399.  

Harvey's Mini Chopper Choice :  The Pocket Harley Gas Scooter for $549


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         Boss 43cc Mini Hawg Specs

• Speed: 15 Mph

• Range: 25 miles

• Motor: 43cc, single cylinder, 2 stroke, air cooled gas powered mini-motorcycle. Double film carburetor 

• Frame: Durable steel frame with a high quality fiberglass and plastic body, super heavy duty downhill front forks modified with a dual shock suspension system, rear swing arm suspension system with a 1,500 lb. strength shock absorbing spring, 2.4" ground clearance • Start Method: Recoil pull-start and electric start (key ignition/push button) 

• Drive System: Chain driven with variable speed hand throttle (motorcycle style). Centrifugal hoof friction clutch offers freewheeling for easy coasting. 

• Oil Type: 2-cycle oil 

• Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline 

• Gasoline Mix: 25:1 

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 Liter 

• Brakes: Vented front disk brakes and rear drum brakes 

• Dry Weight: 103.5 lbs.

• Dimensions: Length 48” Width at handlebars 25”, Width at seat 12.5" Height 33", Height folded 26"

• Carrying Capacity: 170 lbs. 

• Tires: Front 10", and rear double juxtaposed 9"x 3.5" superior grade pneumatic, air filled tires 

• Warranty: 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.

Standard Features: 

• Soft cortex seat with backrest. 

• Handlebars fold for easy storage and       transport. 

• Key ignition for added security.

• Powerful headlight with classic styling.

• Front and rear turn signals. 

• Dual rear view mirrors. 

• Running tail lights. 

• Brake lights. 

• Rear reflector. 

• Dual exhaust (gives the 43cc engine a throaty sound). 

• Speedometer. 

• Battery indicator gauge. 

• Light system indicator gauge. 

• Classically styled foot plates. 

• Kick stand.

Additional Info: 

• Not for sale or use in the state of California. Click here 

• Pre-assembled. Take it from the box to the road in 30 min. 

• Maximum speed and average range vary with rider's weight and road conditions.



Boss 43cc Mini Hawg Chopper

Style:  Mini Chopper

Vendor: Urban Scooters



43CC V104 Mini Harley Chopper Motorcycle
Style:  Custom Mini Chopper

Vendor: Samszone



The list of specs for this mini chopper is impressive.  But before you get too excited, go take a peek at Compare Custom Mini Choppers Page 1  and check out what looks like an identical mini chopper for $230 less.  Not convinced?  Then read on.  


For openers you get a full blown suspension system front and back with this model.  You also get a larger seat complete with sissy bar (the back rest).  Fully functional and in my opinion adding considerable style to the overall look of the custom mini chopper.


The brake layout is standard for this mini chopper series;  disc up front and drum in the back.  It is 5" shorter with the standard 10" front and 9" back tire arrangement to get the "chopped" look.  Ground clearance suffers though, coming in at 2.4".  This is not a curb hopper by any stretch of the imagination.


I like the look and sound of the dual exhaust, but wish they left out the fake engine.  I like to see a lot of open frame in the designs.  Perhaps it is removable.  You can see it clearly in the blue picture.


All in all, for the additional $30 over the cost of the Pocket Harley Gas ScooterTand remembering that Samszone charges for shipping unlike Urban Scooters, this is the better deal.  It's not as sharp looking as the Harley but the features outweigh the additional cost in my mind.

mini-chopper-rad.gif (154x107 -- 11130 bytes)

49cc Rad "Pagsta" Choppa Specs

  • Dry Weight 185 lbs 

  • Engine Model Honda 

  • Engine Description Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Air Cooled Gas Engine 

  • Lights Headlight, Turn Signal, License light, Stop Light. 

  • Engine Displacement 49.5 cc

  •  Engine Spark Plugs T1136 or T1137 

  • Engine Compression Ratio 8.8:1

  •  Driving Type Chain 

  • LxWxH 76in. x 29 in. x 40 in.

  •  Axle Base 51 inches 

  • Tires 

  • Front: 2.50 x17x4Ply 225 kpa

  • Rear: 4.50 x12x4Ply 250 kpa

  • Clutch & Drive 4 Speed manuel Clutch 

  • Cruising Speed 30 to 40 mph *depending on riders weight

  •  Legal Street Legal. Complete documents if you decide to register your chopper. 

  • Cruise Speed 1 20 mph *Depending of weight of the rider 

  • Warranty One Year - Lifetime on drive train 

  • Fuel 90 octane - Just under 2 gallon capacity Engine Oil 15w/40w Idle speed 1500 + or - 150r/min 

  • Second rider seat 

  •  Replacement parts  Documents Large manual and parts catalogue Owner Support 800 Toll Free support 




Style:  Mini Chopper

Vendor: Rad Scooters


This is as close as you will ever get to riding a motorcycle, but still not requiring a license to do so.  The 49.5cc Honda engine just squeaks in by the volume of one gaming dice.


This could hardly be called a mini-chopper due to its formidable size and weight (185 pounds, about the weight of 3 average mini choppers).  It's a full 6 feet long with a 51" wheel base due in part to the full size 17" front and 12" rear tires.  You cannot see it clearly here, but if you follow the link above, you will see that the rear rim appears to be machined billet, a very nice touch.  The custom mini chopper pictured here has $120 upgrade handlebars, and $90 saddle bags.


It looks like there are shock absorbers both front and back but for a $2,000 bike, I would have hoped to see disc brakes instead of the drum brakes.  Not a big deal, but it would have added to the look.


It looks like a full set of lights all the way around complete with directionals as well.  This is probably the safest street/commuter model I represent.  It does beg the question though, for $2,300 you could probably land a pretty decent 400cc true motorcycle if you were willing to get your license.  For someone just looking to do a short commute without the hassle of a road test, this would be grand alternative.


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