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Mosquito Stinger Gas Scooter

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Mosquito Stinger - Gas Powered Scooter

Those who crave a stocky, muscular gas powered scooter go for the Hornet. However, if tall, lean and mean with a "what you see is what you get" sense of style is more your thing, then the Stinger gas scooter by Mosquito is the one for you. 

The 16" tires, extra long frame, and superb ground clearance combine to deliver confident all-road handling. The Stinger gas scooter offers a stable and comfortable ride under a variety of terrain conditions including country roads, mountain trails and your neighborhood. 

The powerful Mitsubishi Keyang two-Stroke engine is one of the best two-stroke gas engines made. It delivers a top speed of 30 mph and all the torque you'll need to conquer those hills. The Stinger's advanced gear box system is far more durable and efficient than direct drive systems you'll find elsewhere.

 It comes with front and rear braking systems standard for quick stops. The Stinger gas scooter is dependable and a breeze to maintain so your time is spent riding. This gas scooter is one of the highest quality gas scooters on the planet.


* Speed: 30 mph 

* Range: 30 - 45 miles, 1 - 1.5 hours 

* Motor: Center mounted 2.2 HP 40cc 2-Stroke Mitsubishi Keyang gas engine, handlebar mounted kill switch. 

* Frame: Light and durable 7000 grade aluminum frame and deck. 6.25" road clearance. 

* Start Method: Recoil pull-start. * Drive System: Gear box / chain driven (low maintenance), twist throttle. 

* Oil Type: 2-cycle oil. * Fuel Type: Gasoline (high octane recommended). 

* Gasoline Mix: 25:1 * Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 Liter. 

* Brakes: Rear hub braking system & a front caliper braking system. 

* Dry Weight: 40 lbs. 

* Dimensions: Length 58" Width at handlebars 16" Height 45 - 50", Height folded 26" Board (cast aluminum, non-skid) 17 3/4" x 9.5" 

* Carrying Capacity: 250 lbs. * Tires: 16" x 2.125" and pneumatic tubes. Spoked rims made from high quality aluminum. * Warranty: 90 day Standard Features: 

* Handlebars that fold for easy transport and storage. 

* Adjustable height handlebars Additional Info: 

* Not for sale or use in the state of California. 

* Maximum speed and average range vary with rider's weight, the speed, and road conditions.