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Rad Climber Gas Scooter

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Have a seat on the two-way suspension, with front and rear shock absorbers and take off anywhere.  The RAD CLIMBER GAS SCOOTER has a superpowerful 41.5cc japanese engine, that normally starts on the very first try.  By power, we mean 2.2 PS horse power, with a 7000 rpm engine.  And that 7000 rpm engine has a dismantleable speed limiter. You can reach speeds of up to 20 m.p.h. (Depending on the weight of the rider.)  It has a built in choke, a quiet yet powerful expansion chamber muffler..that makes this our top of the line engine. Take this big boy gas scooter off-road, then drive it to work on Monday...It goes anywhere. Made of whole sheet metal construction, the body structure is rock solid. 
Each Scooter also comes with an adjustable seat, and cool steel foot pegs with a motorcycle type twist throttle. Free Toll Kit and BRAND NEW and Freshly Factory Sealed gas scooter.

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   Technical Specifications:
Dry Weight 51 lbs
Engine Model Japan
Engine Description Single Cylinder, Two Stroke, Air Cooled
Horse Power 2.2 PS Horsepower 7,000 rpm with dismantleable limiter.
Engine Displacement 41.5 cc
Engine Starting Pull
Max Climbing 12% /132 lbs / 5,500 rpms
Engine Cutoff Foot Kill Switch
Distance 29 miles per tank
Drive Mode Two-section Toothed Belt 
Suspension Front & Rear shock Absorbers
Throttle Control Motorcycle type hand with variable Speed
Min Speed 0 mph
Gas Scooter Max Speed 1 29 mph *Depending of weight of the rider
Gas Scooter Cruise Speed 1 20 mph *Depending of weight of the rider
Tire Adjustment Automatic
Fuel Gas & 2-Stroke Oil @ 25:1 (100-1 synthitic oil)
Fuel Capacity .28 Gallon
Packing Dimentions 41" x 12" x 21"
Tires Rubber - Pneumatic 9" x 3"  4 ply
Max Load 265 lbs
Exhaust Chrome Expansion Chamber
Front Brake Drum
Rear Brake Drum