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Rad Cruiser Gas Scooter

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Would you like a "'RAD DOG" gas scooter, but your a little short on cash...How about the slightly smaller brother gas scooter.  Introducing the 36cc RAD CRUISER.  Just take a look at these "cool" upgraded features.

How about 36cc's of power, with Rear Disc Brakes, ready to stop those oversize Pro-style 9" inch by 3.5" inch tires.
And for a limited time a "Summer Special" deal maker...we will install on every "Rad Cruiser", a FREE STEEL METAL BILLET DECK.  That's the same billet deck that everybody charges $80 extra for.
Compare this hot "Cruiser" for models selling at $500 or more.

Rad-Scooter Customers, keep telling us that, our 36cc Scooters, literally "Kicks-Butt" against their friends driving 40cc knock-offs. Why not Scoot with the Best, and drive a Radscooter...

New for 2004: Telescopic and foldable neck on the handlebars.  Makes it easy to fold and store your scooter, by just pushing up the retractable spring loaded bar.
New for 2004: The top of the "Goose neck" handlebars, now comes with a PRO style cap.  You can easily change the handlebar grip position, and even change your handlebars, to off-road or ape hanger styles.

This unit is tricked out, and is ready to roll with a full 36cc Two-Stroke Gas Engine built for speed and built to last.

Each Scooter also comes with a FREE DETATCHABLE SEAT, and Motorcycle type twist throttle. BRAND NEW and Freshly Factory Sealed.

We ship Fedex Ground, so you will receive your unit in a few days. If you have any questions, Contact us via EMAIL at:


Again, we give you a 36cc engine, Free STELL BILLET DECK with BIG 9" X 3.5" inch OVERSIZE TIRES, with rear DISC BRAKES...

   Technical Specifications:
Dry Weight 31 lbs
Engine Model Hausheng
Engine Description Single Cylinder, Two Stroke, Air Cooled
Billet Deck STEEL (No Charge)
Engine Displacement 36 cc
Engine Starting Pull
Engine Power 2.5 HP
Engine Cutuff Handlebar Kill Switch
Carbueration 9 mm / 8 mm Carb
Transmission Centrifugal Clutch
Free Wheel Capable Yes
Throttle Control Variable Speed
Min Speed 0 mph
Max Speed 1 25 mph
Cruise Speed 1 15 mph
Tire Adjustment Automatic
Fuel Gas & 2-Stroke Oil @ 25:1
Fuel Capacity 1 Liter
Running Duration 1 2-3 hrs
Fuel Economy 100 mpg
Max Load 275 lbs
Wheel Type Rubber, air-filled tube
Tires 9" x 3.5"
Rear Brake DISC