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Neo Scooters Raser FX 41cc Gas Scooter

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Raser FX 41cc Gas Scooter

Raser FX 41cc Gas Scooter


The Raser FX has arrived! The second generation of the Raser R1 Scooter (aka The Rock or Cobra) has a belt drive system so it is much quieter then the chain drives. It uses a small belt from the clutch to a shaft, then another big belt to the rear tire.

It has an automatic clutch so you can start it and then idle in place. It comes with a free seat, front and rear brakes and a twist throttle. It has been one the most popular scooters around here because of it's power. The Raser FX is the most 'ready to use' out of the box that we carry. Simply bring the handle bars to an upright position and lock them into place. Then just add oil and fuel, your ready to roll.

This next generation Raser scooter boasts front and rear disc brakes and larger tires then it's predecessor.

Engine: 41cc gas engine
Run Time: 8hrs on a full tank
Capacity: 300lbs
Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes
Tires: 260 x 85mm (RPT)
Speed: Approximately 25-30mph
Drive System: Belt drive
Shocks: Front and rear shocks
Seat: Padded Seat and removable
Net Dry Weight: 50 pounds
Foldable: Yes
Starting Mode: Pull cord
Maximum Climb Angle: 12 degrees/60kg
Maximum Horse Power: 2.2hp@7000rpm
Engine Type: E-ton 2-stroke
Gas tank: 1.5 Liter (Hidden)
High ground clearance

4-Stoke Model Available in Black Only