Gas Scooter Price Comparisons $249 - $299

Gas Scooters Under $300

36cc Razorback XT $249  G049 Gas Scooter $259   Rad Street Cruiser $269     

46cc New Star S460 Super Razorback Gas Scooter $269

46cc New Star S461 Super Razorback Gas Scooter $269 

razorbackxt_gas_scooter.jpg (121x116 -- 4000 bytes)

         36cc Razorback XT Gas Scooter Specs

Engine: High Compression, Single Cylinder, Two Stroke, Air Cooling (36cc)
Exhaust: Super Hi Pro Pipe
Speed: Up to 25 - 30 mph
Seat: Removable Seat w/ post and FREE tool set
Drive System: Chain Drive
Gas Tank: 1 Liter
Footdeck: 18" Billet Aluminum Deck
Foldable: Yes
Starter: Pull Starter
Carrying Capacity: 350 lbs.
Throttle: Motorcycle Style Twist Throttle
Ground Clearance: 5.5" from floor to deck
Tire Size: 9" wide - wider than standard Razorback tires
Folds Flat: Easy Storage
Accessories & Spare Parts: Available
Chain Drive: Makes Riding on a Dirt Road No Problem
Idles: At a Stand Still Unlike Other Scooters

Gas Scooter Parts for  36cc Razorback XT



 Razorback  XT Gas Scooter

Style:  Gas Scooter

Vendor: Neo Scooters


With the Neo Scooters version of the XT you get the Super Hi Pro exhaust pipe and the billet aluminum footdeck as standard equipment and a wider tire than the standard Razorback.  I like that fact that the seats on the Razorbacks are removable, adding to the versatility of this popular gas scooter.  Parts are readily available as well.

gas_scooter_g049_with_suspension_and_helmet_yellow-1.gif (120x150 -- 7221 bytes)

          43cc G049 Gas Scooter Specs

  • Safety Head Lights

  • Front Disc Brakes

  • Front Shock Absorbers

  • Tire: 9" x 3.5"

  • Fold for Storage

  • Tank Capacity: 1.3 liter /0.34 gallons

  • Trunk: ($30 Value)

  • Chrome Pipe(MUFFLER)

  • Electric Start Up: Button with key

  • Speed: 20-30 MPH

  • Engine: 43cc

  • Driving distance: 31.25 Miles/per tank

  • Durable Flames Design

  • Fully Illuminated Dashboard

  • Gas Scooter Parts for  43cc G049Y Deluxe


43CC G049Y Deluxe Gas Scooter with Suspension and Free Helmet

Style:  Street

Vendor: Samszone


This is the first scooter in the line up with suspension and disc brakes.  If you plan on commuting any distance at all you want shock absorbers.  It will save wear and tear both on you and your gas scooter. This model has a key for added security.

gas scooter, cheap gas scooters, fast scooters,, online gas scooters, gas powered scooter, pocket bike, snow scooter 36cc  Rad Street Cruiser Gas Scooter

gas-scooter-top-of-handleba.gif (14481 bytes)

       Rad Street Cruiser Gas Scooter Specs

  • Dry Weight: 31 lbs 

  • Engine Model: Hausheng 

  • Engine Description Single Cylinder, Two Stroke, Air Cooled 

  • Deck Wood 

  • Engine Displacement 36 cc Engine Starting Pull 

  • Engine Power 2.5 HP 

  • Engine Cutoff Handlebar Kill Switch

  • Carburation: 9 mm / 8 mm Carb 

  • Transmission: Centrifugal Clutch 

  • Free Wheel Capable: Yes 

  • Throttle Control: Variable

  • Speed Min Speed: 0 mph 

  • Max Speed: 20 mph 

  • Cruise Speed: 15 mph 

  • Tire Adjustment: Automatic 

  • Fuel: Gas & 2-Stroke Oil @ 25:1 

  • Fuel Capacity: 1 Liter 

  • Running Duration: 2-3 hrs Fuel Economy 200 mpg 

  • Max Load: 275 lbs 

  • Wheel Type: Rubber, air-filled tube Tires 8.5" x 2" 

  • Rear Brake: Drum

  • Gas Scooter Parts for  Rad Street Cruiser


Rad Street Cruiser

Style:  Gas Scooter

Vendor: Rad Scooters


Harvey's Choice!


This gas scooter is Rad Scooters entry model in their gas powered scooter line up.  You get rear drum brakes, wood deck and the same 36cc engine that comes on more expensive models. The "2004" 36cc STREET CRUISER has the same body, as those costing much more.  On the more expensive units, your paying for the disc brakes, oversize tires, and larger engine.  Try comparing this unit to models selling at $500 or more. 

New for 2004: The top of the "Goose neck" handlebars, now comes with a PRO style cap.  You can easily change the handlebar grip position, and even change your handlebars, to off-road or ape hanger styles.

gas_scooter_46cc_newstar_s460_super_razorback.gif (120x150 -- 5140 bytes)

     46cc New Star S460 Super Razorback Gas Scooter Specs



46cc New Star S460 Super Razorback Gas Scooter

Style:  Gas Scooter

Vendor: Samszone


The Razorback Gas Scooter series comes in a variety of models with a wide range of options.  All Razorbacks come with F&R Shocks and most have F&R Disc brakes as well.  This model is the bare bones version of the Razorback line.  It is easy to find parts for them, they don't cost a mint, and are reasonably rugged.  For the same price as the Rad Street Cruiser you can get the 43cc engine and upgraded suspension and brakes, but the Rad Street Cruiser is a more rugged design. 

gas_scooter_46cc_newstar_s461_super_razorback.gif (120x150 -- 7021 bytes)

     46cc New Star S461 Super Razorback Gas Scooter Specs



46cc New Star S461 Super Razorback with High Performance Muffler

Style:  Gas Scooter

Vendor: Samszone


The stated specifications are the same as for the Super Razorback.  Maybe you will see a slight top speed improvement with the high performance muffler, but I wouldn't spend the extra $10, unless I liked the blue paint job.

gas_skateboard_samszone_1620.gif (120x150 -- 7575 bytes)

           Gas Skateboard Specs

  • Size: 1360mm * 500mm * 410mm

  • tire: 8.5" * 2.5"

  • Engine: 33cc,2-stroke,air-cooled,single cylinder

  • Drive: chain

  • Operation: pull start; acceleration and brake on one hand bar

  • Paddle size: 1005*295mm

  • Wheel base: 1004mm

  • Transmission system: stepless

  • Tire: 8.5*2.5'; 4pcs

  • Distance for two feet: 546mm

  • Brake type: RR/brake drum, no band brake

  • Gas Scooter Parts for  Gas Skateboard



33cc Gas Skateboard

Style:  Gas Skateboard

Vendor: Samszone


This is the lowest price gas powered skateboard that I represent.  I have never tried one but they look like they would be extreme fun for anyone that already knew how to ride a skateboard.  Highly recommend a full set of knee & elbow pads along with a good helmet.


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